What To Do When Your Washing Machine Smells

No one enjoys walking into their laundry room and discovering that their front loading washing machine smells like mildew. We’re going to give you some easy steps to clean your washing machine and get rid of that mildew smell, and also explain what you can do to get avoid the problem in the first place. It’s a good idea to do some preventive maintenance before your washing machine smells like rotten eggs, after all.
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Playoff Prep – Finding The Best TV To Watch Sports

When you want the best TV for sports, there are several things to consider. First, now is an excellent time to upgrade your home audio setup and your TV, because the NHL & NBA Playoffs are about to start. Second, you need to find the right TV when you upgrade. Fortunately, there are some great TVs available today that provide an awesome sports viewing experience. You’ll want the best possible picture so you can feel like you’re there with all the action, and so you don’t miss anything important if you can’t actually be at the game.
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Movies With Great Surround Sound On Netflix Canada

So you just got your new surround sound home theatre system hooked up and you’re ready to test it out. What’s the first thing you put on? If you have a collection of Blu-ray movies you’re sure to find great surround sound there, but what about those of us who stream our content from Netflix? Surround sound may be a bit tough to find on Netflix, but there are many great titles that support it that are available to stream.

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Can Building Your Own Home Theatre Actually Save You Money?

Recently the Cineplex theatre chain has joined with Bell’s controversial motion which would allow internet service providers to block websites that provide copyrighted content. Opponents believe allowing ISP’s to censor this content is a violation of free speech and could be a slippery slope to other types of content becoming blocked. While we will leave the political punditry to the experts, It’s easy to see however why Cineplex would be in favor of this ban. Continue reading “Can Building Your Own Home Theatre Actually Save You Money?”