Yamaha YAS201 Soundbar Review

Some things are just right. Have you ever owned, or met someone who owned, a Miata (MX5). People love that car; not because it’s the biggest, or the fastest, or the fanciest. They love it because it’s simple and fun. You can take it out to a track and drive it right to the edge, without worrying about expensive parts or high-speed disasters. It’s fun because you can feel like a pro in an afternoon. The Yamaha YAS201 is exactly like that.

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Control 4 Home Automation

What do you use your Control4 System for?

  • Master Control my home theatre, TV and stereo.
  • Lighting control on our main floor.  The areas of the home we live in most have C4 light switches set at desired lighting levels.  For example, we don’t need 100% brightness in our living room, so we set it at 68% to save energy.  All rooms are set at lower levels and we still have ample light. Saving energy = saving money.
  • When I pause a movie to go to the kitchen, the TV room lights automatically turn on and when I come back and hit play, the lights turn back down.

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