Libratone Lounge Review

The Libratone Lounge graced my home this last weekend. Its furry green speaker cover and stark design classed up my living room and drew comments and eyes. The Lounge is Libratone’s largest offering and their solution to the traditional stereo. The Lounge’s greatest strength is its look. If you like Apple products the Lounge will fit right into your simple industrial aesthetic. People notice this speaker as soon as they enter a room and it’s a conversation starter. It’s big, it’s bright and it’s unique. It is also the largest available integrated wireless music system I am aware of. 22cm high, 100cm long and 12cm deep allow it to house a respectably sized forward facing sub.

This is my second experience with the Libratone one button, poke it until you get the colour you need, interface. I am sorry to say that my opinion has not improved since the last time I cursed it’s existence. Half the time I was clicking without getting a result or any feedback. The other half I was flipping open the manual to figure out what that colour blinking light meant. At least you only have to do this once to set the speaker up and then it remembers the setting.

The sound from the Live is ample and certainly can be cranked up to the point of discomfort if you so desire. I found the quality to be a little digital sounding and slightly monaural. It sounds good but not great for most genres. Rock hasn’t got quite enough kick and acoustic performances sound a little electric through the digital amplification. The flip side is electronic music sounds really good on the Lounge.

The Lounge is certainly targeted towards Apple users with a host of connectivity features designed around Airplay. For the rest of us, the connections to portable devices are only wireless if we are willing to give up our connection to other WIFI networks. If you want to stream content, you will have to hook up through the mini jack. This isn’t a problem if you connect the Live to Airplay.

Libratone provides a free app for their products that allows you to setup for the exact position of the unit in your room. You can also change the acoustic properties of your product for different music types. Each setting is clearly labeled and easy to use. Don’t forget to pick up the app if you are using a Libratone product. Proper tuning with their system will improve your sound.

Overall, I recommend the Libratone if you want to “sex up” your living room with a great conversation piece. Love it for it’s high concept Scandinavian design and unique style. It’s great for casual listeners and people who want stylish background tunes in their home. If you are more of an audiophile and less into the looks, then I recommend the Sonos Playbar. Check out my review from last week for more detail on the Playbar.