Denon AHD2000 Headphones

This weeks review item is a set of headphones from Denon. The Denon AHD2000 is Denon’s mid level offering in the over ear or circumaural style of headphone. Denon is an audio only company. They don’t build products in any category outside of sound. I believe this single-minded determination allows them to focus on producing great audio products.

The AHD2000 Headphones are amazing. I know I am supposed to lead you on and tease you towards the big reveal at the end of my articles, but just incase you haven’t got the time to read to the end, know that you need to try these headphones out.

I have been a fan of Denon headphones and earbuds for a few years now. I bought my first set of Denon earbuds about two years ago. Prior to my Denon 560s my earbuds would last a few months then die or fall apart. Not only do my 560s sound spectacularly better than any other earbuds I have ever owned but after all this time they are still like new and I wear the everyday.

The AHD2000 Headphones appear like they are built with the same care and craft as my 560s the housings and band are light and tough with beautiful fit and finish. In a market filled with plastic headbands Denon used steel and magnesium for the frame. The headband of an AHD2000 is sturdy and feels strong and light. Denon uses screws not glue to assemble this headphone and it radiates quality.

The ear-cups and head pad are soft leather. Thanks to innovative shaping in the ear-cups, extended listening sessions are comfortable and painless. I found the fit to be a little looser than I expected. Though the ear-cups create a good seal around your ears, there is less of a “clamped on” feeling than with other headphones. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you have a normal sized head. I do wonder if people with smaller heads might find the fit too loose. In my case I was able to listen longer and more comfortably as long as I wasn’t jumping around rocking the air guitar solos.

I want to take a moment to talk about the cable on these headphones. It is an equal length Y style for superior acoustic performance. It is also one of the most rugged and capable looking headphone cables I have ever seen. I love when a company cares enough to over-build their products. I picture some engineer shouting “damn the costs, this is my masterpiece!”. Thi cable is a masterpiece. It is thick and strong with a mesh wrap and an aluminum jack housing that incorporates threading fo the provided step-up 6.3mm jack. The cable is also long enough that you can plug it into your receiver and sit in your favourite easy chair with cable to spare.

Some of you are wondering how it sounds. This is because you have never owned Denon headphones or earbuds. If you had, you would know it sounds amazing. With these headphones, I could tell which songs were played in a studio and which were recorded and mixed on a board. I could hear subtleties and variations in songs that I never noticed before. My library came alive again and I couldn’t wait to hear the next song. Denon does not build headphones that distort the sound into thumping base they create a beautifully balanced Headphone with full expansive sound that captures every nuance. If you want your skull rattled go buy some cheap cans, if you want depth and beauty come sit with me I’ll be at Denon’s place.

Many of you are probably used to quality headphones needing a huge kick of power to drive their diaphragms. I was surprised to find this not to be the case with the Denon AHD2000’s. My old iPod Classic was more than enough to get these headphones rocking.

Allow me to wrap all my rambling up by saying: “GO BUY THESE HEADPHONES!”

You won’t regret the decision. They aren’t cheap, so scrape all your pennies into a pile and throw in the at birthday money from grandma’, but they are amazing sound for the dollar. If you like music, and comfort, and not bothering your neighbors, and simple rugged beauty these headphones are not going to disappoint.