Paradigm Shift A2

Let’s imagine a crazy world where we aren’t all driving Ferraris, sipping champagne and eating caviar. Imagine we still appreciated great sound, but for some strange reason we didn’t have unlimited money. In that world we would be listening to Paradigm Shift A2 speakers.

The Shift A2 is Paradigm’s only self-powered bookshelf speaker. Self-powered means you plug the individual speaker into the wall and then it can be directly attached to a portable device without need of an amp.

Shift A2s are sold one at a time for a few hundred dollars. A single Shift A2 sounds amongst the best in class as a self powered Mono speaker. The speaker layout is a basic two-way system with an aluminum tweeter and woofer. The sound is balanced digitally so that the speaker is very pleasant at any volume level. I have recently reviewed similar units from other manufacturer’s that don’t sound as good for more than twice the price.

Shift A2s have a nice fit and finish in a simple classy housing. They come in five colours, and have a removable fabric grille if you prefer the naked look. The Shift ships with rubber feet, but a minimalist stainless steel stand is available.

The really cool part about a Shift A2 is that you can start with one, hookup via a mini jack, and you will have great sounding audio. Then you meet a special someone, hook his or her Paradigm Shift A2 to yours, set the switches on the back to “Left” and “Right” and together the two A2s will sing in beautiful stereo. Invite your friend’s A2s over, add them to the chain, and host a party.

Got a little extra change in your jeans this month? Add the stainless steel stands or a wireless antenna for a little extra convenience. The Shift A2 even has a plug on-board to add Apple’s airplay adapter.

I love that the A2 starts out at a very appealing price then you can scale it up as you find the dollars. It sounds great at every stage and has the potential to become a fully featured bookshelf stereo that will hold its own against much larger, more expensive systems.

If you are looking to upgrade from an entry level dock, turn your computer into a media system, or just want to start with a good base, you should seriously consider starting with a Paradigm Shift A2. If you have the cash to buy a pair, you won’t be disappointed with stereo performance that far outstrips other powered speaker options at the same price.

There is a reason why Paradigm is an award winning speaker company that continually gets voted the best sound for your dollar. They understand that when we buy a speaker our first concern is “how does it sound” then “how is it built” then “how will it look”. Then they go ahead and make sure it scores a hard 10 across the board and sit back with smug smiles as it blows minds and rattles the good china.

Plus, they are Canadian!